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Welcome to Coyote Creed, the freshest new Southern Country Rock Band of 2018.


Looking back over a tumultuous year of festivals, headline slots, and recording, Coyote Creed take stock ready for what’s to come. The band are set to release their debut single ‘Everglow’ on the 1st March, closely followed by a follow up single ‘Can’t get enough’, before unveiling their debut album in the summer of 2019.


This four piece band includes, Dave McCalden on lead guitar and vocals, Jack Thomas on lead/rhythm guitar, Kieran Groves on Bass guitar and Andy Harding on drums.

The first release ‘Everglow’ promises to be a fantastic introduction to Coyote Creed, with its memorable riff and powerful lyrical content. The song which features on the forthcoming album is a must have that ‘We spent a lot of time getting the songs right, and putting across a true representation of our sound’ says Dave Mac, ‘I’m quite old school in respect of making an album as a collection of songs, rather than focusing on which song will be a single; we want the listener to enjoy the musical journey from start to finish’. The debut album will fulfil this statement with its mix of soulful songs, and out and out rockers. The album is co-produced by Colin Richards and Dave Mac, and stays true to the group’s vision of a Southern Country Rock Band.


As the group’s main songwriter, Dave Mac still feels that initial butterflies when showcasing a new song for the group, ‘When I take a new song to the band, we have a rule that if they don’t like it we won’t do it. It’s a running joke that the code we use if they don’t like it is, ‘that’ll be good for your solo album Dave’; although I’m blessed to say that hasn’t happened yet’ Dave can’t help but smile while recounting how little group decisions are made. As far as Dave is concerned, the songs don’t mean a thing if it doesn’t have his brothers add to them – then they not only become songs, but they become Coyote Creed songs.


This tight nit group all hail from South Wales, but frequently travel across the country to perform. The show’s they perform are always played to their best, with Andy categorically stating, ‘we owe it to the people who turn up to see us to give it our all, whether there’s 500 or 5 in the audience, we put on a show’. As with all big bands of the past, Coyote Creed have gone through the stage of playing in front of small audiences, and have earned their stripes along the way, and building a solid fan base. In conclusion, Jack echoes the sentiment felt by the whole group saying, ‘There’s no better feeling that compares to looking out at an audience and they are singing along with one of our songs – what a buzz’.


The whole band are excited about what the future has instore for them, with all the hard work and effort being truly enjoyable.